Lucky Leaf Hemp Farms is a Tennessee Industrial Hemp processing company with two farms in Tennessee; Lucky Leaf Hemp Farms, Hemphis Farms. As a farm to consumer provider, we are a proud member of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program as of 2017.

Lucky Leaf Hemp Farms was founded in 2017 by Chris Blaylock and Adam Fredrick both Christian Brothers alumni with the vision of bringing local, natural alternatives into supply for self-improvement and well-being.

Lucky Leaf Hemp Farms is a boutique distributor with high quality products at retail prices and available for wholesale for those who would like to whitelabel our products. These products are all organic, no additives or preservatives. Unlike products from overseas distributors or mass production suppliers who eliminate quality ingredients and flavonoids from their products which devalue their quality.

Lucky Leaf Hemp Farms is one of few hemp farms in the West Tennessee area and provides product to many consumers aross the state and nationwide.